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Who am I?



Jagbir Kang is a two-times cancer survivor and a proof that perseverance and persistence leads to a path of healing and growth.  She believes that everyone has the right to enjoy a beautiful life. However, sometimes, difficult experiences hold you back from living a more fulfilling and meaningful life. By becoming a Yoga and Meditation teacher, she has embarked on the quest to empower others to rediscover their inner strengths and take their power back for healing and growth. 

She holds a Master’s degree in Psychology from the Harvard Extension Studies, a Bachelor's and a Master’s degree in Computer Engineering from Santa Clara University. She is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Counseling Psychology (Marriage and Family Therapy) from Palo Alto University. Additionally, she’s a writer, a speaker, an advocate for domestic violence survivors and a promoter of mental health awareness and recovery.

How can I help?



Recovery from adversities is possible.  Optimism can help you grow.


Mental Health

Enhance mind-body connection through Yoga , breathing and Meditation 

Path to


Finding inner peace and strength will take you on the path of healing.



Taking charge of your life will instill confidence increasing your self-worth.

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