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Feeling negative during COVID-19?

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Many people have reached out to me during this global pandemic of COVID. I have heard stories about how people are thinking negatively during the quarantine. People are experiencing stress and depression which is affecting their overall mental health.

I agree that there is a lot going on and managing everything is becoming difficult. However, below are some of the ways you can overcome these challenges.

Focus on the positives

Remember that this may be a difficult time for all of us, but this time shall pass as well. If we keep thinking about the negatives, we are adding further negativity which may lead to unfavorable outcomes. Simply recognize some of the good things that are happening. For example, you are not shuffling kids to and from schools. You are not commuting to work which is saving you some time; use this time to focus on yourself instead. Let’s be optimistic and hold a positive attitude to get through the uncertainties.


We all know that regular exercise keeps us healthy both physically and mentally. I agree that many gyms and fitness-centers are still closed, but we can still do several activities at home. How about a simple walk or biking outside to get some fresh air? If weather does not allow this, we can do simple cardio at home; for e.g. pushups or squats.

How about buying a yoga mat and trying it out for the first-time? Many studios are offering online classes and there are tons of free short videos on YouTube. Yoga is for everyone and it benefits both physical health and mental health. Let’s get away from the numerous yoga myths that you might have heard of – it is not a spiritual practice and you do not have to be flexible in order to practice it.

Talk to friends

Just because we are self-isolating and trying to be healthy and safe does not mean that we cannot pick up the phone to call a friend. How about next time, instead of texting, you make a phone call? You can organize an online short meeting with your siblings or friends. The point is to keep a check on each other and provide emotional support and encouragement to your loved ones.

If you are struggling and need help, please talk to your doctor or a therapist. If you need guidance and coaching, feel free to contact me. There is help and there is hope!

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